Know the Facts on How the Koi Nation's Costly Lawsuit Impacts Our City

We Must Protect Our Resources: A frivolous lawsuit wastes valuable resources, both in terms of time and money. By opposing such lawsuits, we can redirect these resources towards more pressing community needs, such as infrastructure, education, and public services.

Defending Taxpayer Money: Frivolous lawsuits result in unnecessary financial burdens on taxpayers. By standing together against the Koi Nation’s lawsuit, we can protect taxpayer dollars from being wasted on baseless legal claims and build our much needed youth sports complex.

Preserving Community Reputation: A coalition against this frivolous lawsuit sends a strong message that Clearlake values integrity and responsible legal practices. This will help maintain the city's reputation and attractiveness to residents, businesses, and visitors.

Supporting Local Businesses: The Koi Nation’s lawsuit will harm local businesses by diverting their attention and resources away from growth and development. By opposing this lawsuit, we stand up for the success and prosperity of our local entrepreneurs.

Strengthening Community Bonds: Standing united against the Koi Nation’s frivolous lawsuit fosters a sense of community and solidarity. Together, we can demonstrate that Clearlake is a resilient and united city.

Building a Sustainable Future: The Burns Valley Sports Complex aligns with Clearlake's vision for a sustainable and thriving future. By combating this wasteful lawsuit, we contribute to the city's long-term growth and prosperity.

Promoting Youth Development: A community youth sports complex provides a safe and inclusive environment for our children and families to participate in sports activities.

Healthy Lifestyle: The Burns Valley Sports Complex was envisioned to create a healthy and active lifestyle among the youth, helping to combat childhood obesity and related health issues.

Building Community Bonds: The sports complex is intended to serve as a gathering place for families, friends, and neighbors, strengthening community bonds and fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among residents, we can’t let the Koi Nation take that away from us.

Boosting Local Economy: The operation of the Burns Valley Sports Complex will attract visitors from neighboring communities for tournaments and events, providing a boost to local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and retail establishments. The Koi Nation needs to understand how their frivolous lawsuit will impact our community.

Long-term Community Investment: Building the sports complex is an investment in the future of Clearlake. It will leave a lasting impact on generations to come, supporting the health and well-being of youth and promoting a vibrant and active community.